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Leggy, not a leprechaun. (16th Dec 22 at 1:27am UTC)
For the thirtieth time, she clicked on the homepage of Zeus Thunder in her hand and looked at it again with a tired taste: "Destroy the three views!" She sighed with emotion, looked around, lowered her voice, and gossiped with her colleagues: "Hey, tell you something." "What what?" "Just Luo Mingjing." Fiona covered her mouth and whispered, "He said King Kevin's Chinese cranes were copied from his work." “…… Really?! Colleagues have expressed their disbelief, "This is too magical.." "I was a little suspicious." Fiona said, "But I think it should be true. It must be copied. Last time, my friend who was engaged in design told me that Kevin Wang was a fan. Except for the Chinese crane, other works have a very good taste. Now the name is so famous that people who don't know much about design are holding up the fame of the Chinese crane. In fact, his works are not so good, my friend said." The level is not as good as her, and she is almost angry to death. "No." A colleague said, "You can't do this. You didn't do anything. You added insult to injury first." "Really!" Fiona said, "Didn't you hear how the dance director of Channel 3 scolded him last time?"? He said that he was the aesthetic of Qianlong and wished he could pile all the gold and jade together. Have a colleague light way: "Hey, do you know?"? More than half of the income of Universal Design is still supported by Chinese cranes. Another colleague brushed the micro-blog of Zeus Thunder and Lightning in hand, saying: "Fei, you come to see him this, is it Yang He who scolds?" "Which one?" "Before he sent the plan, he scolded Y actress for being blind." The colleague laughed and said, "Is this Y Yang He?"? Could it be that Yang He spoke for Luo Mingjing and made him jealous? Fiona:“…… Come on, he's cold. This is not only the director, but also the president will bite him to death. When Chu came home, he found Luo Mingjing. He rubbed his head and said, "Oh, here we go again." Luo Mingjing was almost choked by the soup. Ms. Zhang knocked down his paw with a spoon: "Eat." After dinner, Ms. Zhang stayed overnight enthusiastically, and Chu almost surprised her eyes: ".." No, who's staying? What are you doing? Is Shi Min pregnant? This is not only Ms. Zhang, but also the younger brother came to hit him on the head. Shi Min gave his brother a cold look. Luo Mingjing looked surprised and said, "Isn't that good?"? I'll go back to the studio tonight. "Back to what?" Ms. Zhang said, "There are all kinds of things. I'll make a bed for you so that you can sleep warmly. Little brother, bring your pajamas that you haven't worn before. It's the one you bought too big to wear." Luo Mingjing asked Shi Min for help. Shi Min smiled at him and whispered, "Sleep at home." Until lying in bed, Luo Mingjing was still in a trance. Shi Min came in to see him after taking a bath. Luo Mingjing consciously took the towel to wipe her hair and asked her in a low voice: "What did you say?"? Your mother is very concerned about me today. "No." Shi Min said, "In my mother's eyes, you are all children, and you should care about children." "You must have said something." Luo Mingjing said, "next time." Next time tell me in advance, I didn't prepare today, I didn't pick up the conversation at all, and I didn't respond to your mother very much, grey marble slab ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, which is very rude. "What preparations should be made for the family?" Shi Min laughed and said, "Just accept it naturally. Don't think about how to repay them deliberately. Sooner or later, it's a family. It's right to be good to you." Luo Mingjing sat on the bed for a long time. He said, "It's because.." You told her that my mother. Shi Min gently took his hand and gave him time. Shi Min.. Luo Mingjing said, "Give me one night to think about it." I'll talk to you tomorrow. "Don't force yourself too much." Shi Min said, "Take your time, no matter what you say, I will listen carefully.".
” Luo Mingjing put his forehead on Shi Min's shoulder and whispered, "Thank you.." The door suddenly opened, Ms. Zhang clung to the door, showing half of her head, hiding her gossip expression, holding up the cat in her hand, and said: "By the way, little friend, do you need a cat to sleep with you?" When Shi Min returned to his room, he saw a message from Fiona: "I found out that Wang Zhenyu, the registered mobile phone number holder, is the one designed by Universal, and the IP address is also right." "Let the public relations contact him tomorrow and ask him to meet me at the company," said Shi Min. “OK。” However, at ten o'clock in the evening, Zeus sent another micro-blog with thunder in hand: too busy during the day, no reply, the sister named foreplay, no matter how good her grades are, she has a high school education. For designers, education represents his knowledge and vision, which determines the taste of designers. How can a person who doesn't even have a university degree make a good work? Today, with such a skeptical attitude, I carefully looked at Beginning of Spring solar terms series released by Mirror World, and guess what I found? Don't you think that you, a third-rate Internet celebrity with a high school education, borrowed the ideas of famous masters? This lake green, if I remember correctly, should be the main color of the C brand in spring the year before last, right? And this style, don't you think it looks familiar? [Picture] Xu Qianqian jumped up from the bed and shouted: "Dog than!"! Why don't you say that the main color of F brand in winter is copied from our national flag! Fuck He Xi said, "Qianqian, don't make trouble. Your brother told you to study hard and don't brush Weibo." "Can you bear to be bullied to the door of his mother's house?" Xu Qianqian wiped her tears and held her cell phone in front of He Xi's face. "***, look at the picture he put. He hinted that my brother copied the Chinese crane. I can *** it!" Xu Qianqian burst a series of foul language: "That his mother can not like it?!"! That's my brother's stuff! Sha Bi still has a little vision and sends his face to the door! She typed a line of words, forwarded the micro-blog, mercilessly said: "This year my brother is lucky, all sent to the door, a pole to kill you, it's time to settle accounts!" Qiaoxiao-Qian Xi: Since the blogger asked this question on Weibo,Agate Stone Price, it's a coincidence. Why is it like this? Ask the blogger to ask this big designer @ international famous designer Kevin Wang to ask clearly. Who shamelessly ganged up with Professor Goubi to copy my brother's things. The network is really a good thing, can let the shameless shameless people one by one show their true colors, ha ha.
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