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Mortal Xiuxian Biography (13th Dec 22 at 4:52am UTC)
Mortal Xiuxian Biography
Han Li to "the song soul" this words, as if has not heard, only stares at the other side body's three calming charms, nearly does not believe own eye. How can the other party act if the amulet is not taken off? Han Li is full of suspicion. However, now is not the time to ask and entangle, so Han Li snorted coldly, without saying a word, pointing to the Oolong with his hand, suddenly the instrument rose several times, into two thick black light, a flash of the other side. He had made up his mind that even if he sacrificed the walking corpse of Quhun, he would destroy the primordial spirit of the monk in the period of Jiedan. "Quhun" seemed to see Han Li's endless thoughts, watching Oolong snatch mercilessly rushed down, in a hurry, a fierce mouth, a green light blurted out, unexpectedly abruptly blocked the full blow of Oolong snatch. Volume III Demonic Invasion Chapter 343 Green Sword "What is this?" Seeing that the other side had blocked his full blow, Han Li was so surprised that he could not help looking intently at the green light. "I saw a small sword about an inch long, green and glittering with streamers." Magic weapon! Han Li's expression changed slightly and he blurted out. The other side only by refining gas period five or six layers of repair for, unexpectedly can use this thing to take their own Oolong, not a magic weapon is what, this makes Han Li surprised and happy. Surprised is that the other side also has a magic weapon to protect themselves, pack up, to trouble a little, happy is that if the other side is destroyed, he can get this treasure for nothing. Now he finally affirmed the other side, used to be a monk in the period of Dan! Thinking of this, Han Li directed Oolong to continue his onslaught,Horse weight lbs, while one hand turned over, and the "Soul Bell" appeared in his hand. The reason why I didn't use it at the beginning was that I felt that the other party had been restrained by the amulet, and there was no need for it. But now it seems that it is still necessary to use this magic weapon to control the other side again! As soon as Han Li took out the "Soul Bell", the "Soul" eyes flashed with panic, but immediately his face appeared fierce, and he hit his lower abdomen fiercely. Then he opened his mouth, and an emerald green pill spurted out. As soon as it appeared, it sent out a soft green light, which covered his whole body. At this time, Han Li in the hands of the "soul bell" has been "Dangdang" one after another sounded up, Han Li to let each other's bones and tendons numb, can no longer fight back. After a series of bells rang, the "song soul" stood safe and sound, which was not affected at all. Seeing this scene, Fiberglass tape measure ,fish measuring tape, Han Li looked solemn. It was obvious that the light from the green pill had protected the other side, making his soul clock ineffective. Thinking of this, and seeing that after ringing the bell twice, there was still no effect at all, Han Li put the small bell away with a dark face. But then with a wave of his hands, the white light released more than ten puppets, which were the last remaining second-level puppets of Han Li. If it is destroyed again, he will be left with only those self-made puppets that are of little use. Therefore, Han Li did not intend to procrastinate with the other side, and the puppets just appeared. Under his manipulation, the pillar of light and the arrow of light attacked with great momentum. Seeing such an astonishing attack, "Quhun" showed a look of surprise and anger, hurriedly and quickly threw several tricks on the green pill. Let it spin up and emit a lot of green light. Immediately, all kinds of light interweaved together in an instant, bursting out a dazzling light group. Afterward "the song soul" is attacked by this wave, the shock has retreated several Zhangs in a row, but unexpectedly really received this round of attacks, lets Han Li in the heart be extremely shocked. An immortal cultivator with five or six layers in the Qi refining period was able to take over the full attack of the monks in the middle of the foundation building period, which was too bad. But then I thought that he was originally a monk in the period of making alchemy, and he had one or two moves to kill. It doesn't seem so strange. Han Li thought paradoxically to himself. At this time, the "soul of the song" saw Han Li's attack blocked by two backhands. I breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, my mind was in a hurry, and I began to brew some suitable words in my heart. Want to use this to move Han Li, let it stop so crazy attack. You know, with his poor magic power, he really can't afford it! But before he could think of words, the opposite Han Li hesitated for a moment, touched the storage bag, and then suddenly raised his hand, a dazzling red light flashed from his hand.
"Quhun" was surprised! Before he could figure out what was going on, the green pills floating in front of him burst open, and then a tearing pain came from the depths of the primordial spirit, which made him cry out, turn over and fall to the ground, and his limbs kept twitching. The green light that originally covered the body of "Quhun" disappeared without a trace after the pill burst, without the slightest hindrance of the light pillar and light arrow, and immediately swarmed to submerge "Quhun" in it. But after that green small sword did not have the master's manipulation, the power also immediately reduced greatly, is seized by Han Li's Oolong abruptly presses in the leeward, a pair of at any time does not support the appearance. Han Li was overjoyed to see all this! I didn't expect his risky shot to be so effective. The reason why he did not use the blood spirit drill to directly attack the heart or head of the "soul" is that he is not sure that half of the body of the soul is a zombie. Can these places still be considered vital? I'm afraid it's just a serious injury that can't kill the other side. Therefore, it is better to use the blood spirit drill to attack the most difficult green pill of the other side. But he never thought that after the green Dan pill was broken by a blow, the other side itself also had a big problem and ended up like this. It seems that the green Dan and the other side of the primordial spirit have a great connection, no wonder when the original spray of this thing against the enemy, the other side will show that look! Is it the golden elixir condensed by the other party during the period of making elixir? Han Li secretly guessed with some malicious intentions. At this time, the attack of the puppets stopped after Han Li waved his hand. Then he looked across. After the light disappeared,Surveyors tape measure, Han Li clearly saw a black body lying on the ground, unexpectedly did not turn into ashes in the attack, which was really beyond Han Li's expectation. Is it because the zombie body of the song soul is different from that of ordinary people.
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