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Her Majesty the Queen of Su Muzhe (19th Dec 22 at 6:56am UTC)
Her Majesty the Queen of Su Muzhe
Xiaofu is located on the lakeside of Yuhu Lake, the front door is a busy city, and the back house is next to Yuhu Lake in Guangmiao, which is somewhat like Murong Villa. The small building in the middle of the lake is my favorite, looking around, distant mountains and near water, only a small bamboo house floating between heaven and earth, clean and peaceful. Alone in the middle of the lake, he climbed to the roof and poured chrysanthemum wine one after another in the cold wind. Because he was weak, he was forced to drink, so he had to use these medicinal liquors for a dry addiction. The night sky is dotted with stars, sprinkling a piece of cold, and the sparkling lake reflects each other. The distant mountains on both sides are like the thick ink-splashing landscape. As far as the eye can see, the lights of Xiao Fu can be seen faintly. Staring at the line of water and sky between the mountains, tears rolled down silently. Can all the relatives in the previous life be good? Has the mother's white hair covered the hair? Is Father in good health? And my beautiful and kind-hearted sister, have you found a suitable husband? I can't blame myself for being so excited today. My sister dropped out of school and went to work in the city for me. She is a weak woman in the south of the Yangtze River, whose hardships can be imagined, but I was found to have heart disease, and the astronomical figures of the operation cooled everyone's heart. The elder sister could not sell her body to collect the huge sum of money. She was such a proud woman, like a lotus in the clear water, but she ended up in such a situation for me, and she still took good care of me. I had made up my mind to support her all my life, but suddenly something happened, and the debt of love would never be repaid. Today, when I saw those prostitutes, I felt a sense of loss. Jin Tian's disdainful face hurt my heart even more. Thinking of my sister, I was so confused. In addition, there were so many things crowded together. Rao was always kind to me,chrome washing machine, and I couldn't help being angry. At a loss, I suddenly heard the sound of water behind me. Looking back, I saw a boat pushing aside the starlight on the lake. When I got close, I found that it was the beauty I had just received. He didn't know any martial arts, nor did he seem to know how to set up a boat. He hurriedly parked the boat, moved a ladder, and climbed up to the roof. He was already panting slightly. I smiled and looked at the beauty in front of me. "Why is Hua Er here?" Luhua smiled and sat aside. "Luhua has naturally come to serve his master." Turning to look at him, he somehow recalled Du Shiniang and blurted out, "My whole body is elegant and beautiful, my whole body is charming and fragrant,small gold wash plant, my eyebrows are curved and the distant mountains are green, and my eyes are bright and moist.". The face is like a lotus calyx, which distinguishes Zhuo's Wenjun; the lips are like cherries, which reduce Bai's Fan Su. A pitiful piece of flawless jade fell into the wind, dust, flowers and willows by mistake. Lu Hua smiled and said, "The master just said that the people in the dust are good." Turn sideways, get in his bosom, answer in a muffled voice: "So I am pity, not disdain." After a long silence, I wrinkled my nose and said, "Hua'er smells good.". Well, it's sweet osmanthus. Did not wait for him to respond, looked up at him: "Hua Er, accompany me to drink." Liu Mei frowned slightly, and the beauty said in a graceful voice, "The master will drink too much, and Hua'er doesn't know how to drink." The head droops, the soft hair is scattered, tin beneficiation plant ,coltan ore processing, and the wind on the lake stirs on my face, and the bad taste appears again: "Then, I will teach Hua'er to drink." Then he poured out a cup, held it in his mouth, pressed the delicate beauty to the ground, and poured the wine into his mouth. The fiery softness on my lips made my heart swing, and I couldn't help sucking the fragrant tongue and entangling it, and my nose was filled with more and more rich osmanthus fragrance, which made me intoxicated for a while. For a long time, the people on the ground half opened their delicate lips, their starry eyes blurred, their faces dyed pink, and their red clothes had already spread out, half covering their snow skin and jade skin, and they scattered their attractive brilliance in the moonlight. Reach out and touch it, and it's really as smooth as silk. But the person under the body moved, escaping a trace of incomparable charm. I suddenly feel out of strength, look up to the sky speechless, is a demon ah. The next day when I returned to the Xiao Mansion, I sat in the right seat and looked around leisurely. "What's the matter? So many people?" "These two children are looking for you." It is still the long wind that takes the lead. Eyes swept, I hold a teacup, through the curl of hot air looking at the hall of two people standing quietly, "Oh?"? What's the matter? The sister and brother looked at each other and knelt down on one knee: "We are willing to follow the benefactor in this life, and we hope that the benefactor will help us." "I'm not a good person." I chuckled. "If you are my man, you can't go back on your words. If you betray me, my punishment is very severe. Of course, I don't like killing people, so I will never take their lives." "Thank you, Lord!" The two men promised in unison. So, Jinhua, would you like to follow Sima? "Subordinates are willing.".
"Jinhua bowed her head and looked like a lady.". Unhappy frown: "Do not install, in the bone is a person who does not observe the ethical code, looks awkward." "Jinhua was stunned and breathed a sigh of relief. She tossed her handkerchief and turned to be graceful and graceful." The master has a good eye, "she said with a charming smile. Seeing that everyone looked like a fool, especially Jin Tian, whose face was full of shock, I was in a good mood. I laughed and scolded, "Come on!"! Jinhua, do a good job, Sima is an intelligence officer, but the brothel is a piece of fat meat. To open the best brothel in the world, trample those smelly men under their feet, squeeze their money and information, play them round and round, and vent their anger for the sisters! Jinhua's eyes are shining: "This is the dream of my subordinates since childhood. I will live up to the trust of my master." They finally came to their senses and smiled bitterly: "Master, Jinhua, even so, you don't have to say it in front of some of our men." I can't help laughing: "I am giving you a reminder, so as not to go to Jinhua territory in the future, and even lose your clothes." Turning to Jin Tian, I hesitated for a long time, but still did not make up my mind: "Jin Tian, what would you like to do?" Jin Tian answered quickly: "My subordinates are willing to be a member of the Awakening of Insects and clean up the obstacles for the owner of the house." Looking inquiringly at Han Jiang, Han Jiang nodded: "This son is the material that can be made." Dingding looked at the child for a while, and I sighed lightly: "You actually want to be an official." Jin Tian shook his body and lowered his head. I thought about it: "May suffer?" "Of course." Still so arrogant. Then, at the same time to prepare for the examination, give you four years, 15-year-old champion, should not be too shocking. I smiled gently, "So,manganese beneficiation plant, Tianer lives here, and I will teach him well as a master for the time being." The five people who knew me looked at Jin Tian with an excited face and could not bear it. Unfortunately, the child was too excited to notice it.
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