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Death on All Souls' Day _ Agatha Christie _ txt Fi (16th Dec 22 at 1:29am UTC)
"Yes." "You know, I'm a little surprised she asked him to the birthday party.". I didn't know she knew him that well. Ai Ruigong said calmly: "He dances very well." Yes & # 8212; & # 8212; Yes Of course.. Reluctantly, Iris allowed a vision of that night to cross her mind. The round table, the dim light and the various flowers in the Luxembourg restaurant. The band's beat goes on and on. The seven people around the round table, herself, Anthony Braun, , Rosemary, Stephen, Farley Ruth Lessing , George, and Stephen Farley's wife, who sat at George's right hand. & # 8212; Alexander & # 183; Mrs. Faraday Her cheap gray hair, her slightly rounded nostrils,ultrasonic spray nozzle, her clear, conceited voice. What a happy party it was, wasn't it? And in the middle of the dance, Rosemary & # 8212; & # 8212; No No, it's better not to think about that.. Better just remember that she was sitting next to Anthony herself & # 8212; & # 8212; and that was the first time she saw him. 。 Before that,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, he was just a name, a figure reflected on the wall, a figure accompanying Rosemary waiting for a taxi at the door. Tony & # 8212; She woke up suddenly. George is repeating a question: It was strange that he disappeared so soon afterwards. Do you know where he has gone? "Oh, to Ceylon, I think, or India," she stammered. "He didn't mention it that night." Iris said impatiently: Why should he mention it? Do we have to talk about that night? ?” His face was flushed. No, no, of course not. I'm sorry. It's in the past. Yes, by the way, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, you've invited Brown over for dinner tonight. I want to meet him again. Iris is very happy. George finally changed his mind about Anthony. The invitation was accepted by Anthony. But at the last minute, Anthony had to go to the north and couldn't come. One day towards the end of July, George announced that he had bought a house in the country. To the surprise of Lucilla and Iris. Bought a house? Iris said incredulously, "I thought we were going to rent that house in Gowling for two months?" "It's better to buy it yourself, right?" ? You can always go there for the weekend. Where is that house? Is it by the river? Not quite, in fact, not at all. In Malingham's Sussex, twelve acres called 'the little manor'-a Georgian cottage. "You mean you bought it without asking us to look at it first?" This is an opportunity. It happened that someone was selling it, so I bought it first. Mrs. Derrick said: "I think it needs a major renovation and redecoration." George said casually: "Oh, that's nothing.". Ruth has gone to take care of it. They accepted Ruth with some respect. Lessing is mentioned at this time. She is known as George's capable female secretary. In fact, she is like a member of the family. She looks very beautiful, like the girl on the screen, and has a high degree of ability to handle affairs with the sophistication of national skating. When Rosemary was alive, she used to say, "Let's go and see Ruth. She's wonderful.". Just let her do it. Any difficulty can always be overcome by the skillful hands of Lessing's team. She always has a smile on her face and sweeps away all obstacles with ease and pleasure. She runs George's office, and she runs George at the same time. He trusts her and relies on her judgment for everything. She seems to have no personal needs or desires. This time, however, Lucilla and Derek were a little unhappy. 。“ Dear George, as good as Ruth at, well, I mean, the women of our family like to mix the colors of their own living rooms. ! You should ask Iris first.
I'm not speaking for myself, I'm nothing, but this is really disrespectful to Iris. George looked a little guilty. I just wanted to surprise you! Lucilla had to put on a smile. You're good, George. Iris said: "I don't mind the tone too much.". I'm sure Ruth will make it perfect. She's so smart. What do we do there? I think there must be a court there. Yes, there's a golf course six miles away, and it's only fourteen miles from the beach. In particular, we will have neighbors. I think it's always wiser to go where there are people you know. .“ What neighbor? Alice suddenly asked. George kept out of her light. Mr. and Mrs. Farley. "They live a mile and a half across the street from the park," he said. Iris looked at him. She immediately realized that the carefully orchestrated purchase and renovation of the house had been for one purpose only-to get George close to Stephen and Cantilla Farley. 。 A close neighbor in the country, of equal social standing! The two families are bound to be close. What a cool, clever arrangement! But why? Why do you keep talking about the Farleys? Why should we use this method of spending money to achieve puzzling purposes? Did George suspect that Rosemary and Stephen Farley were more than friends? ? Does this mean a peculiar "jealousy after death" mentality? It was a thought that words could not capture! But it was hard for Joe to get anything from the Farleys? What was the purpose of the strange questions he kept asking Iris? Aren't George's words and deeds very strange recently? The strange, faraway look on his face that night,ultrasonic cutting machine, Lucilla thought, was because he had had a few too many drinks, and Lucilla certainly thought so!.
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