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An Ugly Wife Given by the Emperor [Entry] (7th Dec 22 at 2:30am UTC)
Although the Li family was punished, but in Mu Wanyu's view, such punishment is simply painless. He was in a hurry and was about to take action, but was once again stopped by Yan Xingdao. Your majesty, today I took Ye Qing in the big March when training military forces, caught two to inquire about the news of the details. In view of the fact that the whereabouts of the two men were really sneaky, I did not know what to do with them, so I brought them here. The old emperor got up and was about to leave the table when he heard Yan Xingdao say so and sat back. With a grave look on his face, he said, "It's no small matter that there is a fine work in the barracks. Bring those two men up quickly, and while all the ministers are here, you can have a good trial." If you encounter such excitement in peacetime, Fengguogong will stay and have a look. It is a pity that I have only been ridiculed today, which is not on my mind. Feng Guogong did not intend to stay and asked his grandson to help him limp outside the school yard. Yan Xingdao raised his hand and ordered his men to bring up the two Xizuo. As they came and went, the Duke of Fengguo and the two men met their enemies. The two men, who had been quiet, suddenly shouted at the top of their voices after seeing the grandparents and grandchildren of the Duke of Fengguo: "We are the secret guards of the Duke of Fengguo Mansion. You have no eyes. Even we dare to tie up!"! Guogongye, please save your subordinates. "That Lord Yan is not such a thing that he dares to ignore you!" Feng Guogong knelt on the ground for half a day today, and his legs were already out of control. At this time, the two men jumped up and down in a noisy, frightened legs a weak, simply sat directly on the ground. Chapter 71. According to the regulations of the Great Yan Dynasty, unless the emperor personally approved the order, the ministers in the court could not use any excuse to keep the government soldiers and secret guards. Since ancient times, people in power have been most sensitive to military power. In the former Dynasty, there was a private armory in a minister's mansion. When the late emperor learned about it, he ordered a thorough investigation of his house. Eventually, he was stripped of his official position,metal stamping parts, and the whole family was charged with military service. But even though he knew that the nature of the matter was too serious, Feng Guogong still committed the crime against the wind. There are countless dark guards in the mansion, but whenever they encounter a dirty thing that they can't get on the surface, they will send out the dark guards to take care of it for him. All these years, he has been very careful in doing things. Confident that no one can hold their own handle, but never thought, today will be in front of the civil and military minister of the full court, let people lift the bottom. What made him particularly angry was that he did not know the secret guard who insisted that he was serving the government. Yan Xingxing, you should hurt me like this! Knowing that he had fallen into the trap, Feng Guogong was unable to defend himself. For the other of these two works is indeed his. Since Mu Wanyu disappeared, Feng Guogong secretly sent someone to find out her whereabouts. There had been no result for several months, and he had been busy preparing for the skillful contest recently, so he put the matter on hold. But he never thought that the dark guard, who had always had a good skill, titanium machining parts ,car radiator cap, would be caught by Yan Xingdao. These people have already undergone strict training, unless the master allows, otherwise even if they lose their lives, they dare not reveal their identity in front of others. Now there are people who keep saying that they are Fengguo Gongfu people, do not think carefully can also guess, must be Yan Xingdao that boy out of the damage. Today in front of the emperor to expose this matter, want to know can not be good. He immediately sat on the ground and trembled with fear, but his face was ashen and he could not say a word. Watching the Duke of Fengguo shiver, the old emperor could not help but be suspicious. Looking at Yan Xingxing with a calm face, "You said that these two men were the secret guards kept by Fengguo Gongfu. Apart from my confession, what other evidence do you have?" With a sneer, Yan Xingxing said firmly, "If Your Majesty wants any other evidence, he must give me an imperial edict to confiscate the mansion." When Prime Minister Zhou heard this, he was so frightened that his old face changed. He quickly stood up and pleaded for mercy, saying, "Your Majesty, there is not enough evidence now. We can't order a raid on the mansion.". Otherwise, even if nothing can be found, the reputation of the Duke of Fengguo will be ruined. Yan Xingxing made up his mind to stand up for Mu Wanyu. When he heard this, he retorted, "Now that I have personally captured the secret guard of the Duke of Fengguo, why does Prime Minister Zhou still insist that he is innocent?" "Now the reason to investigate, but also want to bring the rest of the dark guard together, this is also a confession to your majesty.".
At this time, Prime Minister Zhou stopped him like this. Did he want to let those dark guards run amok and threaten your majesty's safety? Yan Xingdao retorted unhurriedly with a straight face. Usually only know that this Yan adult has a bad temper, but rarely have such a face-to-face confrontation. In the impression of Prime Minister Zhou, Yan Xingxing is just a young boy who doesn't know how to hide his temper, but he has never been so sharp-tongued. Now such a big hat against the monarch buckled down, Rao is the prime minister of Zhou how high power, also dare not continue to defend the Duke. If too much trouble makes the emperor unhappy, I'm afraid even the Zhou family will be implicated. Thinking of this, Prime Minister Zhou took a helpless look at the Duke of Fengguo and sat back quietly. Seeing that he was so sensible, the old emperor's face softened a little. He ordered Wei Qi to take care of the grandfathers and grandsons of the Duke of Fengguo. Then he told Yan Xingxing, "I will give you an oral order today. Take the people from the Ministry of Punishment with you and immediately confiscate the mansion of the Duke of Fengguo.". Remember, before the evidence is confirmed, people's lives must not be harmed. "If the evidence is confirmed, all witnesses and material evidence should be strictly protected, and all case files should be guarded day and night to prevent theft." "I obey the decree." Yan Xingdao unhurriedly made a big gift and turned to go out. Mu late fish did not expect things to take a turn for the worse, in a short period of time, Feng Guogong was so brought down. Even when he felt like he was dreaming and was distracted, he was suddenly pulled by someone. Yan Xingxing frowned at her and said, "Aren't you going to confiscate Fengguogongfu?" The confiscation of the minister's residence is no small matter. Mu late fish civilian body, if there is no order of the emperor, nature is not good with Yan Xingdao. She hesitated a little and looked subconsciously at the old emperor sitting on the main stage. The latter was bowing his head and meditating, and did not hear the words of Yan Xingdao just now. Instead,deep draw stamping, Wei Qi, who had been standing beside the old emperor, realized Mu Wanyu's concern and quietly waved to her.
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