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Escort Agency (7th Dec 22 at 2:23am UTC)
"Hum, well, in order to prevent you from following in the footsteps of that little Zhu who doesn't know whether he is alive or dead, let's tell you a good story about Miss Momo today." Liu Funong took a hard puff of the cigarette in his hand, and his thoughts drifted back to more than ten years ago. First of all, let's talk about Miss Momo's father, who claims to be a useless Aji from the sixth grade. You know he's called a useless Aji, but have you ever thought about why people call themselves useless Aji? "Aji's full name is Dugu Aji. Yes, it is the Dugu family who is known as the first family in the four hundred years of the Great Yan Dynasty. Speaking of Dugu's history will only make people feel terrible from the bottom of their hearts. In four hundred years, Dugu's family has produced six empresses, fourteen concubines, five prime ministers, three generals, twelve cabinet scholars, and thirty-nine six ministers." At the same time, there are 147 women who have married women of royal blood, 253 women who have married princes and grandsons, and the rest of them are married to other famous families or officials everywhere, and even half of the Dayan Dynasty belongs to the Dugu family without any problem, while the father of Momo, the man who claims to be useless Aji,cosmetic tube packaging, He happens to be the 37th patriarch of the Dugu family. "Even now the prime minister Dugu sad also have to admit that this man from the moment of birth is destined to get all the favor of heaven!"! No matter the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, or the art of war archery, he can easily surpass others by a large margin, such a person seems to be born to be worshipped and envied by everyone, in fact, his life before the age of sixteen can indeed be said to be smooth sailing,eye cream packing tube, the imperial examination easily won the first prize, into the Hanlin Academy, with the backing of a solitary family, after the political career will surely be smooth. The emperor also greatly appreciated the young man's talent and betrothed his favorite sister, an equally intelligent and beautiful woman, to him. Later, the patriarch was impressed by his precocity and wisdom, and voluntarily abdicated to make him the youngest patriarch in the history of the Dugu family. However, all this happiness came to an abrupt end when he was sixteen years old. The woman he loved most, Princess Zhaoning, the emperor's sister, left him because of dystocia, leaving him with a baby daughter. Grief-stricken Aji left the lonely home alone, cut off all contact with the world, plastic packaging tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, and wandered outside for a year, like a ghost who could not find his way home. "However, it was precisely because of the sadness of losing everything that he became extremely sober, until one day he finally saw the great danger hidden behind the unprecedented powerful solitary family, so he returned to his family with grief, and then used the authority of the patriarch to issue dozens of incredible orders in succession." He personally put a pair of shackles on the beast of the Dugu family. "A pair of shackles?" Yes, it's a shackle. No royal family of any Dynasty can tolerate a ferocious beast with fangs lurking behind it, unless it has a pair of shackles around its neck. This is the man's original words, in fact, in the past four hundred years, the power of the Dugu family has been somewhat outrageous, and even faintly there is a tendency to stand up to the imperial power, the officials of the government and the public are more or less related to the Dugu family, almost reached the level of a hundred responses, and the rulers of the Great Yan Dynasty, whether actual or nominal, are doomed to have only one person. This man is the present emperor. Like a giant, the lonely family has touched the bottom line of the royal family, perhaps the emperor now cares about the old love, perhaps because of the unique influence of the lonely family so that your majesty has no intention to start, but one day, the fragile balance will be broken, when the lonely family will face a situation beyond redemption, so the lonely house will ignore the opposition of the people in the clan. Forcibly put a pair of shackles on this terrible beast. "Miss Momo's father is really a great man." The reporter sighed with emotion.
"Yes, that man saved the tottering Dugu family. In order to carry out his strategic plan of overall contraction, he did not hesitate to set an example. For more than ten years, the patriarch of the Dugu family has always been a minor official from the sixth grade. It also made a large number of Dugu children who were still taking chances thoroughly see the determination of the patriarch. The giant beast of Dugu also slowly hibernated.". Of course, even so, the Dugu family still has three concubines, a prime minister and two ministers, as well as a group of staunch supporters, but finally did not threaten the imperial power. "However, in any case, although Aji saved the Dugu family, the Dugu family also lost the domineering power of the past in his hands. In addition, Aji has always been a minor editor from the sixth grade. The Dugu family has never had an official position as small as his, so he has always called himself useless Aji." "So this man named Dugu Aji is not as useless as he said, but a mess?" "Well, in a word, Miss Momo was born in such a family. Her mother, who died, was a real princess, and her father was the leader of the Dugu family, the first family of Dayan. Because of the great sacrifice made by Aji for the Dugu family, the ancestors of the Dugu family all felt sorry for him. After that, the guilt was naturally transferred to Miss Momo.". It was at this time that Miss Momo's domineering character began to take shape. Before she could walk, she had learned to bully people. Before she could speak,polyfoil tube, she had learned to let her cousins do bad things for her. When she was a little older, she could go out to play. The whole capital knew the little ancestor of the lonely family. Liu Funong said that he took a deep breath here, "but it was because of the words of His Majesty the Emperor that Miss Momo really grew up to be the existence that no one in the capital dared to provoke in the future." 。
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