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Legend of the Mage II (7th Dec 22 at 2:11am UTC)
The monster experience of Ou Fu Bone Demon Cave is very high, with a skeleton archer 1020 and a skeleton pikeman 1150. Skeleton Knife Axeman 1280, Skeleton Hammer Soldier 1350, if you can burn monsters in batches. The upgrade speed is even faster than the pig hole, but now everyone has not been able to hit the skill book of Hell Thunder, otherwise the six mages will be faster if they use mines. After they ran to the fifth floor, they did not find the figure of the leader of the afterlife, so they could only give up practicing. The leader of the afterlife in the European service was not like the national service once every two hours, but like other leader-level BOSS. It takes six hours to refresh, and there are two brushes. It's good to explode. If you can find out the refresh time of BOSS, it is also a good job to keep the afterlife. Not much practice, just finished a monster of the fat, they are preparing to change places, suddenly around the crazy refresh out of the screen full of monsters, everyone was startled, the tsunami cried out: "brush BOSS!"! This is a monster refresh with BOS! Taoist priest, go and find it! The three Taoist priests in the team called out skeletons in the corner to block the mage with the warriors, and then scattered to look for BOSS. They are now located in the largest rectangular hall of Bone Demon Five, which usually refreshes a leader of the afterlife. The other one will be painted near the door of the fifth floor. The tsunami threw out the wall of fire and explained to everyone: "Because of the empty terrain of the bone demon.". The difficulty of playing BOSS is smaller, so when BOSS refreshes, it usually encounters the super refresh of monster clearance. This kind of refresh is no matter whether there is a monster in the map,mobile garbage bin, as long as the BOSS refresh will follow a batch of ruthless brushes, when I played the previous number, I met once, I don't know if it was too long before no one came to clear the monster, the monster in the five layers of bone demon was piled up, the monster stood there and could not move at all, that time I ran back and forth to buy medicine several times to empty the bone demon five. A total of eight netherworld leaders were beaten. This strange setting is really abnormal,wholesale plastic pallet, the national service like this situation is mostly refreshed after the two BOSS were killed before brushing the next two, although there is a continuous refresh phenomenon, but that is just the card to the time point will appear, but the European service regardless of the first two BOSS dead or not, directly brush, if no one comes for half a year, then here is not a full screen of the leader of the afterlife? Fixed-point burning monster is a little dangerous, that is, those skeleton archers from the fire, because they can't run, those archers are burned by the fire, hatred is sucked to the mage's body, although there are warriors in front of them, but occasionally shot will be startled, if the number is too large, plastic pallet box ,collapsible bulk container, it may be seconds, so we decided to fight or not. At least you have to get a few mine books to learn first. It's a little slow to burn monsters, and it's dangerous. The three Taoist priests who ran out led several times, but only brought back a large number of small monsters. After refreshing, the strange group was so dense that the Taoist priests could not run at all. After burning several times, I finally found the majestic leader of the afterlife in the lower right corner of the rectangular hall, holding a bone hammer and wearing a cloak. With the experience of fat people in the national service, the leader of the afterlife is usually silly. As long as there is no Xiaoguai beside him, a small wizard can kill it by flying a kite. But the leader of the afterlife of Ou Fu was like a madman. He moved so fast that he braved the wind and waves like a torpedo in the strange sea. Finally, he led it to the vicinity of the human wall by relay. Two of the three Taoist priests who went to lead it did not have time to run by a hammer. The remaining little Taoist priest, Old A, almost rushed back into the crowd with the speed of a runaway wild dog. The leader of the afterlife will be so fierce that they are also startled, hurriedly set up a wall of fire in front of them to attract hatred, or any meat shield was a hammer seconds, let it drill in that is a group attack situation. The difficulty of BOSS in European service makes the mages who are used to single out BOSS in national service begin to realize the importance of teamwork. During this period of time in European service, everyone has realized the difference between the two places. The professional settings and game environment of European service make players pay more attention to teamwork. If you want to be a lone ranger, I'm afraid you can't do it in a short time.
Although the thunderstorm power of the six mages is not big, it is dense enough to win. Although the blood deduction is not much, it is good to be able to beat the leader stiffly. It is extremely dangerous that the leader dropped two meat shields in seconds and finally burst out with a magnificent explosion of 88. The fat man in a cold sweat counted the number of people, and the cardinal and the happy lump died when they attracted the monster. Then the old B and the old C who were in front of him were also hammered, and the hot and dry noodles and the young ones were also hammered twice in the middle. Can rely on the higher level just crazy to eat the top of the sun water, if not the elder brother saw the opportunity quickly, immediately stop the attack and risk death to block up. Maybe the afterlife will come in. It's too dangerous! It's too dangerous! The fat man wiped his cold sweat and swept the things on the ground into his bag. Fortunately, he didn't go to a more dangerous place. Even the bone demon, the safest place in their eyes, let them almost destroy the group. The BOSS of the European service is really a little too abnormal. Clean up the battlefield, we counted the booty, just when the burning monster burst some equipment that they had never seen before, although it was not a very good thing, but it happened to be what they used now: Blue Thunder Necklace: Weight 1. Endurance 6, mana 2-3, mana 22 required Energy Necklace: Weight 1. Enduring 7, Dao 2-3, need Dao 19 Double Gold Ring: Weight 1, Endurance 5, Attack 2-2, Demon 0-3, Requires Level 30 Ring of Evil: Weight 1, Endurance 5, Magic 1-2. Defense 0-3. Requires magic 20 Snow Jade Ring: Weight 1, Lasting 5. Taoism 2-2, Defense 0-1, Demon 0-2, Requires Taoism 20 Compared with the pigs in the pig hole, the bones in the bone demon hole are much more generous. Although these things are not very good, they can't catch up with the Wo Ma equipment,wholesale plastic pallet, but their attributes are very average. For example, the evil ring of the mage, 0-3 defense and 1-2 demon may make many mages give up the Wo Ma equipment and choose it. They wear good things when they go to some more dangerous places.
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