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Undead keeper (7th Dec 22 at 2:10am UTC)
However, Wang Yao did not blame Wang Yao, indeed. Wang Ming despises those snobbish people most, it's true to chase girls by money, but. If you think you are superior to others just because you have money, it is absolutely undesirable. Money is a kind of capital, but it is absolutely not something that can be used to boast, because it is too superficial. While Wang Ming was thinking, Yaxin opened her mouth again and said, "Well, it's my turn to say it next. Last time.." I went to our Mingchao International Bank to find Sister Sha, but guess what happened to me? Hearing Yaxin's words, Xueyan and Wang Yao couldn't help asking questions curiously. Under the questioning of the two women, Yaxin said with a smile: "That day, I went to Mingchao International Bank. When I passed the hall, I saw a man talking carefully to the staff at the counter.." Speaking of this, Yaxin seemed to remember the situation of the day and said with a charming smile, "The staff of the Ming Dynasty asked the man how much money he wanted to save!"! But the guy was obviously more cautious, carefully telling the staff of the Hades that he wanted to save 50 million! Hmm? Hearing this, Xueyan couldn't help being curious: "It's nothing. It's not funny at all. Is it a cold joke?" Hearing Xueyan's words, Yaxin said with a smile, "Ah, I haven't finished yet. The most ridiculous thing is the words of the employee of the Ming Dynasty Company. You don't know that after listening to his words, I laughed directly!" Hearing Yaxin's words, Wang Ming couldn't help being curious. Just as he was guessing, Yaxin laughed and said, "The staff of the Ming Dynasty looked at the guy who saved money with a serious face and told him with a straight face!" At this point, Yaxin suddenly became serious and said in a gruff voice, "This gentleman, here, you can speak loudly,heavy duty plastic pallet, poor.." It's not a mistake! Hearing Yaxin's words, all the people were stunned for a moment, and then. Including Wang Ming, all the people laughed, this is really too funny, that guy thought to save 50 million, is already astronomical, must be careful, even dare not speak loudly, but in the eyes of Ming Chao company employees, 50 million that is money? In the eyes of ordinary people,plastic pallet manufacturer, 50 million is already an astronomical figure that can not be earned in a lifetime, but in the eyes of the employees of the Ming Dynasty Company, it is not money at all, so it will say that poverty is not a mistake, which has nothing to do with snobbery, is purely a subconscious answer. Hearing Wang Ming's laughter, the three girls ran out of the kitchen excitedly and rushed into Wang Ming's arms. For a moment, the nephrite was warm and fragrant, and Wang Ming did not know what year it was tonight! But soon, the aroma of the food, then woke up the three girls, hurriedly broke away from the embrace of Wang Ming, three girls ran back to the kitchen at the same time, at the same time, Wang Ming followed behind the three girls, also walked past. Because the area is big enough, so. This kitchen is also very luxurious, there are three stoves alone, at this moment. Each of the three girls occupied a kitchen seat and turned over the dishes in the pot. Every night is like this, each of the three girls will cook a dish, and then give it to Wang Ming to taste, and will be divided into one, plastic pallet supplier ,stackable plastic pallets, two, three. The first person can be the first to have a good time with Wang Ming, and the second person will naturally be the second. As for the third winner, besides cleaning up the dishes, he will be the third person to sleep with Wang Ming. However, as compensation, the third person to accompany Wang Ming to sleep, can pillow on Wang Ming's arm, has been sleeping until dawn, the first time I heard three women actually formulated such rules and regulations, Wang Ming in addition to a word, a word can not say, this woman once idle nothing to do, what strange ideas can come out ah! While thinking, the three girls have asked Wang Ming to tell a joke, and the joke must be related to money, in the three men and women consistent request, Wang Ming only thought for a short time, then opened his mouth.
In other words, there is such a rich man who thinks he is very rich. One day, he heard about a Western restaurant named Ming Dynasty. The consumption inside is an exaggeration. Even the rich can't patronize it every day! Hearing the news, the rich man, in order to show that he was really rich, put on his gold card and walked into the Ming Dynasty Restaurant with his head held high. He sat down at the table and said to the waiter with a careless expression, "Give me a dish of ten thousand yuan!" Hearing the rich man's words, all the people in the restaurant looked at him in surprise. Looking at the surprised eyes around him, the rich man was secretly proud and thought, "This time you finally know how rich I am!"! But Only happy for a while, the waiter's words, then completely put him into hell, the waiter is very polite to tell him: "I'm sorry this gentleman, we do not sell half here!" " Ha-ha ha-ha ha Hearing Wang Ming's joke, the three girls laughed back and forth, at the same time, the three girls'dishes also came out of the pot one after another, and then surrounded Wang Ming, came to the restaurant. Three girls were sitting around and opposite Wang Ming, each holding a chopstick, respectively, holding their own copy of the dishes, one after another into Wang Ming's mouth, and then a nervous face waiting for Wang Ming's judgment! In fact, whether it is the first, the second, or the third, we do not care, the first and Wang Ming intimate, of course, good, but the second is not bad, watching so long, just can cultivate the mood, as for the third, although waiting for a longer time, but can pillow Wang Ming's arm to sleep until dawn. However, although they don't care too much about who comes first, it's a competition after all, so the three girls still hope they can win the first place! At this moment, Wang Ming's face is comfortable to lean on together, enjoying the love dishes of three beauties, simply beautiful to fly up, in those days, Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty is just so so! The next thing, there is no need to say carefully, who is the first and who is the second, it is not important, in short,plastic pallet supplier, a night of warmth down, as a man, we should all understand the taste of it.
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